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Search engine marketing increased visibility of website in various search engine such as google,yahoo,bing.WDCII is masters SEO Company for helping in businesses with internet marketing.Our transparent method diverts more traffic towards web of prestigous clients.Our stunning strategy is combination of search engine optimization, content creation, social media, online reputation mangement and link building. We regularly building an authoritative brand on the Web that trusted by the major search engines streams.

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We gives personal attention on mixed-marketing and High Quality standard.Our approach does not based upon Black Hat SEO techniques and we proudly say that we loves White Hat SEO techniques.We provided accelerate growth for our clients and resellers so that they always get a relevant traffic.Our Strategies are designed for various challenges of internet marketing.Our Strategies are designed for various challenges of internet marketing that gives strong foundation for future enhancements.Our effective website promotion gives Global Visibility for your business on International Search Engine Results.Our potential provided you gain of extra business.Now you becomes ready to take our advantages by enquiry with our professional.

Overview of search engine marketing

We can defined as "Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts". It appears on SERPs(search engine results pages).Advertisers apply bid on keywords that mostly used during search of some product or services by user.Whenever user enter some keywords into google or bing then result are come along with Ads. it is called as Pay-Per-Click Ads.such ads are two type one is small text bassed whereas others such as product listing ads (PLAs, also known as Shopping ads).We used compreshensive research for keywords management strategy.We must be used relevent keywords during building of marketing campaigns for our business domain.Now we trying to defined relation b/w Keywords and account Structure with help of below diagrams.

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Here Above diagrams represents fives units of optimally structured account.

Ad campaigns

Ad groups


Ad text

Landing pages

First we used ad campaigns in which we focus on similar product or services.For example if we have business of online gifts then we must make seprate-2 items into one groups. we can sell flowers, personalized gifts, toys then we must build three groups.When groups are ready then we developved most exact keywords for each groups.Now we add our text for each keywords groups and building landing pages for each keywords.